Friday, July 13, 2012

Forward Unto Dawn

Song of the Day: "I'll Be Gone" by Linkin Park Living Things

So, at Comic Con, 343 Industries gave us a quick behind the scenes look of a new small series called
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. This live action series debuts this Fall on October 5th prior to the release of Halo 4 on November 6th. The plot itself will revolve around a young Master Chief and how he inspired a young UNSC cadet who will eventually become a leader aboard the UNSC Infinity.

Forward Unto Dawn will play out over five installments released each week, with each being around 15 minutes long. Here is a link containing the teaser trailer released on July 1st, 2012. Forward Unto Dawn Teaser Trailer. Hope you enjoy!

In other Halo related news, recently a new site has opened up called HaloUNITY. A site dedicated to bringing together all communities built around Halo. From Bungie, Halo Waypoint, PMS Clan, Autumn Forge, Forge Hub, etc etc. If you're a fan of Halo in general this gathering of communities is something you can't pass up. (Emphasis on "can't pass up".) Check them out! HaloUNITY. Follow them on Twitter, too @UnifyingHalo


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From Wharf to Wilds

When I had first heard of the Arcade game called "Bastion" I was quite skeptical. I was never the one to play arcade games all really. But a well trusted gamer friend of mine advised me to at least check it out. Needless to say, after picking it up, I was hooked.

Right from the start, as you woke up with the ground forming under you as you stepped forward I knew this game was one of a kind. Darren Korb's creative music and narrative was one of the major reasons why I enjoyed the game as much as I did. Spoke at the right time, with the right tone. Nothing less, nothing more.

The game play itself was enjoyable and easy to get the hang of. The added challenges to unlock extra weapon bonuses was a great addon to the depth of what was already there. The length and diversity of each level brought the story from its beginning to its end in the perfect form.

Once the game is done, it's done. Even though its highly entertaining for pretty much anyone (you'd be crazy not to enjoy it), it doesn't seem to hold a strong replay value. I tired, but just couldn't. I was able to obtain all the achievements during my first play through so there was no reason to go through it again. But, that doesn't mean I'm still not a great fan of the game and it's makers.

If you haven't played it yet, you definetly need to. It's well worth the MS points, even when not on sale. The narrative and music alone makes it well worth the money spent. Whether it's on the PC or Xbox 360 , Bastion is one game you can't pass up.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Depth Bastion Review Coming Soon

The Sanctum is officially up and running my friends. Coming shortly will be my first in depth review of the XBLA known as Bastion made by Supergiant Games! From the beginning to the end. From the soundtrack to the graphics and most of all, the narration. I'll be going in depth on how I feel and what I feel about this Xbox Live Arcade game!